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Why are Duramax marine wall panels better than FRP

Did you know the FRP panels are prone to rotting, molding, and absorbing moisture and are unfit for the marine industry? Consider installing PVC marine wall panels inside the facility. The PVC panels are waterproof, mold-free, and do not rot, rust, warp, or break. The PVC panels are low maintenance and don’t require professional upkeep. In contrast, the FRP panels require expert assistance for general maintenance, and the wall material is susceptible to regular repairs. The FRP panel installation is almost double the FRP material cost. That’s why installing PVC panels saves 40% on material costs and 50% on labor expenses. The PVC panels last 45 years without any callbacks, and the wall material is 100% recyclable. Get PVC panels in 2 weeks from the factory. Request a quote now. https://www.duramaxpvcpanels.com/applications/marinas/
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The vinyl panels are water-resistant, durable, mold-free, and ideal for commercial facilities.


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